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A good brand becomes a playground for founders to teach, perform, and play.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace



A playful and tactile curiosity and desire to storytell has kept me in the art world in one way or another for as long as I can remember. Formally, it started with my acceptance into the dramatic arts program at Arts Canterbury High School and continued to York University where I completed a BFA in Film and Video Production.

Marketing was not my dream job. In fact, I stumbled into it via a temp job creating a filing system for invoices at a market research firm for pharmaceutical companies. A large and necessary part of any company competing in today’s market, this has become an unavoidable part of the entrepreneur’s vocabulary. But the relationship between consumer and seller is strained and riddled with a history of deception and manipulation. When I look at storytelling as an art form I see truth in performance, so I had to ask myself, “what is art doing that marketing is missing?”.

While building my first marketing company I quickly realized my work was best done in the early stages of building a business and so that marketing company became a branding company. I wanted to introduce ideas of authentic representation, transparency, and ethical selling not only





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