I am Toni van Eeden.

creative fixer. speaker. writer.


I run the show here. I also co-own Your Urban Carpenter with my husband. There I play the role of brand manager, digital marketeer, and business development.

I founded my first company when I was 26. The goal of that company was to find an accessible and affordable way to get good creative branding to entrepreneurs. It was there that I learned of the power and resulting conflicts that come with constant transformation. As a modern company you can either see this need to transform often as a curse or a gift. Either way, it's something that needs to be managed. Now I help navigate this world of change and fix specific and important creative problems for entrepreneurs, organizations, and large companies alike.

A creative fixer is someone who can solve a creative problem or solve a problem creatively. There is no traditional resume for this kind of work because it requires you to accept that every job will have a learning curve. It requires you to see a through-line, a theme, a common thread in every piece of work you do.

When I am not working on Good Attitude or Your Urban Carpenter, I like to contribute to the local arts community. I support a number of local musicians by crafting super fun low budget music videos to help them compete for music festivals and gain traction with their growing fan bases. I am also a member of the CSArt Ottawa Advisory Committee, a board member at the Ottawa Arts Council, and a vlogger.